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Progress Report - 2nd Half of the Bridge Opens to Traffic

As of the week of June 15th construction of the new Kenneth F. Burns Memorial Bridge will pass a significant milestone with the opening of the bridge's northern half to vehicles and pedestrians. This will allow the bridge's southern half, which has been carrying east and westbound traffic since early 2014 to close for approximately four weeks so it can be finalized for its ultimate purpose: carrying Route 9 eastbound across Lake Quinsigamond.

The opening of the bridge's northern half and temporary closure of the southern half will take place overnight on Wednesday, June 17th, 2015. During the four week timeframe mentioned above, traffic will be configured as follows:

  • Two eastbound and two westbound lanes will be provided on the newly opened northern half of the Burns Memorial Bridge. This is a mirror image of the conditions which have existed since traffic was moved off the original bridge in early 2014. This is a change which will have minimal traffic impacts.
    • Access to all abutting properties and businesses will be as normal.
  • Pedestrian traffic will also be routed to the newly opened northern sidewalk. Pedestrians seeking to cross the Lake will need to make use of the signalized crosswalks at Lake Avenue in Worcester and Quinsigamond Avenue in Shrewsbury to access the northern sidewalk while the southern sidewalk is temporarily closed.

As of the week of June 15th construction will focus on readying the bridge's souther half for carrying its full three lanes of eastbound traffic. Work will include:

  • Installation of expansion joints.
  • Completion of end posts.
  • Adjustments to scuppers.
  • Touch-up painting of field bolted structural steel connections.
  • Grinding, waterproofing, paving, and striping of the eastbound bridge.
  • On the bridge's approaches, safety railings will be installed.

Operations are also ongoing off the bridge and will include:

  • Completion of the truck apron at the Lake Avenue North roundabout.
  • Planting of trees and shrubs.
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At right, viewers can see project team members applying waterproofing to the northern half of the bridge's deck. The first application develops into a membrane 80 mils thick which provides long term protection for the bridge's concrete deck and steel structural elements. A mil is a unit of measurement used in applying coatings such as paint or waterproofing.

Waterproofing the deck 6-15-15

On the right of this image, viewers can see the a second coat of waterproofing being applied to the northern half of the new Burns Memorial Bridge. After the first coat dries, a second 40 mil layer is applied.

2nd round waterproofing 6-15-15

After both waterproofing coatings have been applied and fully cured hot mix asphalt is laid to provide a smooth driving surface for the new bridge.

Bridge Paving 6-15-15

At right, viewers can see project team members at work on the mountable truck apron at the Lake Avenue North roundabout. A hallmark of modern roundabout design, the truck apron allows the roundabout to be small enough to calm car traffic, while still accommodating large trucks.

Truck Apron 6-15-15

Notice About Lake Quinsigamond Recreational Safety

Construction operations for the Burns Bridge will continue throughout the 2015 boating season. The project team wants to remind all summertime sporting and recreational users of the Lake that while the bridge is under construction, conditions will be similar to what they have been for the past few summers.

  • As during the 2014 boating season arches through which watercraft can pass are marked with green lights. Closed arches are marked with red lights. The pattern of closed and open arches is dependent on construction operations and boaters should take care of observe it.
  • The area adjacent to and the channel underneath the bridge is a no-wake zone for motor boats. On approach to the bridge, motorized craft shall yield the right-of-way to non-motorized vessels. Northbound boats should yield to those going south.
  • Climbing onto the bridge structure, work barges, cranes or other construction equipment from boats is strictly prohibited. No trespassing signs have been posted for police enforcement and 24-hour video surveillance is in effect.

These changes have been developed with the concurrence of the Lake Quinsigamond Commission with safety as the paramount concern. For more information, please see our Boating Safety Flyer.

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