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Progress Report - Construction Begins for 2nd Half of New Bridge

As of the week of December 15 construction of the second half of the new Kenneth F. Burns Memorial Bridge is underway. Work over the next several weeks will address multiple areas of the project including the following:

  • Completion of the installation of post-tensioning strands in the HPDE sleeves across the bridge.
  • Post-tensioning of bridge super structure.
  • Final fit up and bolting of stringers.
  • Reinforcing and pouring of bump-outs
  • Beginning installation of SIP deck forms
  • On the lake, placement of open water winter warning markers and lights, and the demobilization of a portion of the project's barge fleet.
  • Installation of new street lighting on Belmont Street and Lake Avenue.

For more information about this year's winter time conditions on Lake Quinsigamond, please see our wintertime safety flyer.

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At right, viewers can see project team members tightening structural bolts at the connection point between stringers and floor beams. Tightening a bolt connection 12-12-14

Here, concrete colored to match the existing medians on the abutting sections of Route 9 in Shrewsbury and Worcester is placed on a pedestrian overlook on the eastbound bridge. When completed, this concrete will be stamped with a pattern simulating brick.

Pouring red concrete 12-12-14

This image shows the space between the completed eastbound span and the under-construction westbound span. In contrast with an image obtained from this same spot last month, more structural steel is in place and the post-tensioning ducts can be seen hanging from the floor beams. Once post-tensioned, the ducts will lose the sag visible in this picture.

Between Spans 12-12-14

At right, viewers can see a post tensioning strand being pushed across the bridge through one of the 8-inch diameter ducts mentioned in the above image. Each of the 6 ducts will contain 35 individual strands. Strands must be installed one at a time over the full length of the bridge.

In this image, rebar is being tied for the curved bump-out wall at the east abutment. east abutment 12-12-14
This aerial image, obtained during the week of December 8th, shows both the east and westbound bridges side by side. Aerial 12-12-14

Notice About Lake Quinsigamond Recreational Safety

Construction operations for the Burns Bridge will continue throughout the fall and into the winter. The project team wants to remind all wintertime recreational users of the Lake that while the bridge is under construction conditions will be different from what they are familiar with from years past.

  • As during the winter of 2013-2014, an open navigation channel will be maintained between the staging area adjacent to the ITAM club on the Worcester Shore of the Lake and the bridge worksite. Snowmobile drivers, cross-country skiers, skaters, ice fisherman and anyone else on the ice must avoid this open channel.
  • The open channel will be marked by a combination of warning signs, lights, and floats anchored to the Lake bottom.
  • Warning signs at the northern and southern ends of the open channel will read "DANGER OPEN WATER."
  • Climbing onto the bridge structure, work barges, cranes or other construction equipment from the ice is strictly prohibited. No trespassing signs have been posted for police enforcement and 24-hour video surveillance is in effect.

These changes have been developed with the concurrence of the Lake Quinsigamond Commission with safety as the paramount concern. For more information, please see our winter safety flyer or feel free to contact us.

Current Work Area

Construction - Stage 3

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