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Progress Report - Construction Begins for 2nd Half of New Bridge

As of the week of July 1, 2014 construction of the second half of the new Kenneth F. Burns Memorial Bridge is underway. Work over the next several weeks will address multiple areas of the project including the following:

  • Completion of driving H-piles at the east abutment. Once this has been completed, construction of the abutment footing will begin.
  • Completion of pile installation at piers three and four.
  • Installation of drainage under the eastbound bridge deck.
  • Completion of the dredging operation at Ramshorn Island.
  • Completion of the landscaping and retaining walls at the Lincoln Park Towers parking lot.
  • Roadway median construction on Belmont Street (Route 9 west of the bridge).
  • Continued planting of trees and shrubs project wide.

For more information about this year's boating conditions on Lake Quinsigamond, please see our boating safety flyer.

Description To enlarge, click on the picture
This image, looking from Worcester towards Shrewsbury, shows 36-inch pipe piles being driven with a vibratory hammer at the location of pier #3. Pier #3 is approximately at the center of the Lake. Pile driving, pier 3, 7-4-14

At right, viewers can 14-inch H-piles being driven at the east abutment. Once these piles have been fully installed, construction of the abutment footings will begin.

Driving piles at the eastern abutment

In this image, users can see water-proofing being installed at the west abutment prior to backfilling.

Waterproofing the west abutment 7-2-14
As has been noted throughout the course of both the planning and construction phases of the Burns Memorial Bridge replacement project, disconnecting Ramshorn Island from the mainland to improve water flow in the Lake adjacent to the island is a goal of the work. At right, viewers can see an excavator at work on this element of the project. Ramshorn Dredging 7-2-14
Planting of trees and shrubs will be ongoing project-wide over the course of the summer. At right, a member of the project team waters a newly planted tree. New trees 7-2-14
Sailors, rowers and all water users are reminded that work will be going on throughout the boating season. Boat ramp signage

Notice About Lake Quinsigamond Recreational Safety

Construction operations for the Burns Bridge will continue throughout the spring and summer. The project team wants to remind all recreational and competition users of the Lake that while the bridge is under construction boating conditions are different from what they are familiar with from years past.

  • As during the 2013 boating season, a safe passage below the bridge for boaters will be maintained. The arches which are safe to pass under will be denoted by a green light displayed at the top of the arch. Arches which are blocked to boaters will display a red light.
    • Span availability will vary from day to day. To ensure your safety, please pay attention to the red and green arch lights.
  • The NO WAKE zone has been established to extend 300 feet north and 300 feet south of the bridge. Boater compliance with the NO WAKE zone will be strictly enforced.
  • When boat traffic approaches the same span from opposite directions, power boats shall yield to non-motorized craft. Northbound vessels will yield right-of-way to those going south.
  • Climbing on or tying up to the bridge structure, work barges, cranes or other construction equipment is strictly prohibited. No trespassing signs have been posted for police enforcement and 24-hour video surveillance will be in effect.

These changes have been developed with the concurrence of the Lake Quinsigamond Commission with safety as the paramount concern. For more information, please see our boating safety flyer or or feel free to contact us.

Current Work Area

Construction - Stage 3

Shuttle Bus Status

Shuttle bus service between Lincoln Park Towers and the White City Shopping Center for senior citizens is running.  The shuttle will operate through mid-2014.  For more information, please visit the Worcester RTA website.

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