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The Kenneth F. Burns Bridge is being replaced through the Commonwealth's historic, $3 billion Accelerated Bridge Program (ABP). Ending in 2016, this program will reduce the number of structurally deficient bridges across the Commonwealth and prevent others from falling into this classification. Replacement of the Burns Bridge is one of the signature projects of the program. Innovative techniques such as design/build construction, innovative construction techniques and streamlined environmental permitting are all hallmarks of the ABP.

A Design/Build Project

Design/build construction methods are being used to speed construction of the new Burns Bridge. Unlike in a traditional project where design firms create a completed design which is then advertised and awarded to the lowest bidder, the design/build team is chosen based on a best-value analysis using a design/build procurement process. Led by the Middlesex Company, the design/build team is responsible for progressing the 25% design to final design and constructing the project. This approach allows for work to begin sooner with portions of the project already under construction while final design for other elements is still in progress. This procurement method also allows MassDOT, the project's owner, to take advantage of the contractor's construction expertise during final design. Lastly, design/build jobs result in shorter construction schedules through the use of accelerated construction techniques thereby reducing overall project costs.



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